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Metal roofing is a popular alternative to traditional roofing materials; it's lightweight, fireproof and durable. With no roofing shingles to fall off, metal roofing requires little maintenance other than an occasional painting to maintain its appearance. Metal roofing materials can be painted a custom color to match any building design.

Practically Speaking, Metal Roofing Is a Great Choice

Overall, metal roofing is gaining in popularity because it is:

  • durable and fireproof
  • easy to maintain--there are no roofing shingles to worry about
  • available in a variety of styles and metals
  • long lasting compared to traditional roofing shingles--often 30 years or more
  • may qualify for special insurance discounts

    A pitch metal roof can be ideal in a region that receives heavy snow, as it allows the snow to slide right off.

    Metal roofing is priced from $120 per 10-by-10 foot square standing seam sections up to around $170 for corrugated steel, making it an affordable alternative to traditional roofing shingles. It can be difficult to install, however, so it pays to find a qualified metal roofing installer.

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