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Cleaning and Repairing Your Tile Roof

Tile roofing can last for many decades if you follow a few simple steps. Regular cleaning, routine maintenance, and repairing broken roof tile promptly can mean the difference between a sturdy, safe roof and one that needs major work in a few years.

Pressure Washing Your Tile Roof

Tile roofing can last for many years, but in order to keep the tiles clean and prevent debris buildup on your roof, routine pressure washing is a good idea. Pressure washing can remove the moss, algae, and other buildup that comes from years of facing the elements.

A good pressure washing team can ensure the debris is gone but the tiles stay in place. Hiring a company to handle the cleaning of your tile roof can also give you the added benefit of a professional inspection on a regular basis, so you can catch problems before they start.

How to Replace a Roof Tile

Roof tiles can stand up to a beating from Mother Nature, but they can easily crack and crumble under the pressure of a person walking on them. So when a roof tile does break and requires replacement, taking care not to break even more tiles during the course of repair is important. Using walk boards that span several tiles can help prevent damage, as can very careful movements while you are on the roof.

To replace a cracked or broken roof tile, follow these steps:

  • Carry replacement tiles and two prybars to the roof with you.
  • Slide the first pry bar underneath the tile directly above and to the right of the tile you intend to replace. This lifts the tile just enough to remove the pressure that is holding down the broken tile.
  • Slide the second prybar under the tile adjacent to the one needing a replacement. By lifting up this second tile, you free up the broken one.
  • Gently slide the broken tile away and set it aside.
  • Most tile pieces have small nubs that rest against an underlying piece of wood. Insert the new tile in the right direction, and the nubs should settle nicely behind the wood, forming a firm foundation.
  • Gently remove the prybars, and you're done.

The new tile might stand out to the eye, especially if the original roof is very weathered. The best way to avoid that is to take a weathered tile from an inconspicuous place for your repair, then use the new tile to replace the older one you removed.

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