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Is a Slate Roof Right for Me?

Slate roofs are a great choice for many homeowners. A slate roof can be beautiful, drawing on various shades of green, black, gray, purple, or red in color. Because slate occurs naturally, slate is an ecological choice for a roof. Slate is also fire-resistant and durable. However, slate can be expensive to install. Here's how to tell is slate is right for your home.

Qualities of Slate Tiles

Slate roofs are beautiful, relatively leak free, and wind resistant. Here are some other features of slate:

  1. Slate is durable: Top-quality slate can last up to 75 years. Slate tiles typically do not need any type of coating or periodic cleaning. They do, however, require some routine maintenance. They should be checked visually once a year, and any that are broken, cracked, or missing should be repaired to prevent water damage. Damaged slates should be replaced immediately.
  2. Slate is heavy: Standard thickness slate (three-sixteenths to one-quarter of an inch) weighs about 800 to 1,000 pounds per square (a ten-by-ten-foot area) installed. Not all homes can stand up to the weight on the roof, so make sure you have your home evaluated first.
  3. Slate is expensive: Individual slate tiles are expensive--up to five times the cost of other materials. But they may require less maintenance over time, helping you recoup your initial investment. Because slate can be difficult to work with, expect to pay more for a true professional to install your slate roof.The results are well worth it.

Slate can be used to create a stylish roof for any architectural style. If you've got the budget and your home meets structural requirements, consider using these gorgeous tiles to add a distinctive touch to your home.

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