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Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are made for all types of fireplaces and allow smoke to exit your home while keeping unwanted birds, animals, and debris from entering. Inspect your chimney and chimney cap on an annual basis before lighting the first fire of the season.

Chimney Caps and Unwanted Visitors

Chimneys and fireplace flues are attractions for birds looking for a place to nest, squirrels, and even the occasional raccoon looking for a home. Chimney caps close off the open end of your fireplace flue to prevent animals and birds from entering and openings in the mesh allows smoke from your fire to exit. The caps can also prevent excessive water from entering your fireplace causing the damper to rust.

The type of chimney or flue you have can determine whether a fireplace contractor or roofing contractor should supply and install your chimney cap and every year you should have your chimney inspected for:

  • Residue buildup: If you burn your fireplace on a regular basis, residue from the wood can build up on the sides of the flue and become a fire hazard
  • Chimney cap: The chimney cap should be inspected for interior and exterior blockages
  • Damper: Fireplace dampers should be checked for proper operation and the ability to open and close completely

Sitting in front of a fireplace is a cozy way to spend a cold winter evening. Making sure your chimney cap is on and operational and having an annual chimney inspection allows you to enjoy the roaring fire with peace of mind.

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