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The Gambrel Roof Is Uniquely American

Gambrel RoofWhen you think of gambrel roof styles, your thoughts might wander to the country where quaint barns dot the rolling landscape. But gambrel roofs are not just for barns anymore. In fact, of all the roofing styles, gambrel roofs are still quite popular with homeowners in the Midwest and southern regions of the country. Here's more on this not so new roof style, including what you can expect to pay in roof prices.

Roof Styles 411: The Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roofs stand tall and proud. They have a rich tradition in American architecture for very good reason. The common features of the gambrel roof make it immediately recognizable compared to other roofing styles:

  • Typically a symmetrical two-sided roof with slopes on either side
  • The upper slope is positioned at a shallow angle while the lower slope is steeper
  • Gives the advantages of a slope while maximizing vertical space in the upper level
  • Has vertical gable ends instead of being hipped at each corner
  • The roof actually overhangs the facade

Despite the fact that gambrel roof styles are typically used in agricultural industrial settings, more homeowners are making this roofing style a part of their residential abode. The lyrical gambrel roof offers a familiar homespun appeal. The multi-jointed hip roof line of the gambrel features a more spacious interior than other roof lines as well as added durability. Gambrel roofs are also added to garage and storage buildings for precisely these same reasons.

Replacing a Roof with a Gambrel Roof

The cost of constructing a gambrel roof on your home can vary widely based on the size of the structure. As of 2009, some estimates set the price at $19,000 for one 3,500 square foot model. Atlanta roofing contractor Ben Heinz reports that material has the biggest influence on roof prices in any geographic area. In fact, he places the ratio of the highest profile roofing material to lowest at 5 to 1 in most areas across the country. Heinz advises you to get several estimates from roof contractors before commissioning the job, so you'll get the best price.

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