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Three Reasons To Choose an Aluminum Roof

It used to be your roof simply provided protection for your home, and your biggest decision was choosing a shingle color that wasn't too unattractive. Thankfully, those days are long gone, and, now, you have numerous roofing products from which to choose. These choices might not only compliment the style of your home, but they can also help your home become more energy efficient, all while helping the environment.

3 Reasons Why You Can't Go Wrong with an Aluminum Roof

Commercial architects have been specifying aluminum roofing for many years because they knew the benefits it could provide. Now, residential architects have seen the light, and more and more homeowners are choosing aluminum roofs. Here are a few reasons why an aluminum roof is a good choice for your home:

  1. Green Building Few items are more recyclable than aluminum. Because people have been recycling soda cans for years, the aluminum roof on your home could have been made from the soda and beer cans recycled from your Super Bowl party five years ago.
  2. Style An aluminum roof can take many forms and colors. You can choose aluminum shingles, aluminum panels, or aluminum scallops available from manufacturers. Color technology has advanced to the extent that some aluminum roof manufacturers offer a 30 year warranty on color fading for their products. Colors vary by manufacturer, but some offer 30 standard colors from which to choose. You can also coordinate your aluminum facia, trim, and guttering with your aluminum roof.
  3. Energy Efficiency Some aluminum roofing products offer an Energy Star rating, which means you can qualify for an Energy Tax Credit. You can even find aluminum roofing products with a factory added laminate, which collects the sun's heat for use by the home's heating and cooling system.

And, of course, the main reason for choosing an aluminum roof for your home is that, installed correctly, an aluminum roof can provide weather protection for the life of your house.

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