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5 Essential Tools for Metal Roof Installation

There was a time when metal roofing was used on commercial and agricultural buildings exclusively, and rightly so, as few homeowners wanted corrugated, gray galvanized panels on top of their homes. Yet today, metal roofing is available in dozens of beautiful colors and styles, and its use on homes can make a bold architectural statement that looks great.

For some homeowners, metal roof installation can be a DIY project, but it does require some specialized tools.

Key Tools for a Metal Roof Installation

  • Electric Metal Shears: Also known as a "nibbler," this is an essential tool for metal roof installation because it allows you to make a long, straight cut in a roofing panel.
  • Tin Snips: Tin snips are used just like a pair of scissors, but can cut through steel. Tin snips are used for making small, detailed cuts in pieces of metal flashing.
  • Scaffolding: Most metal roofing panels are too long and heavy to be safely carried up an extension ladder, and scaffolding creates a flat platform from which to securely work.
  • Cordless Drill/Driver: This is used to drill pilot holes in the panels and also to drive the 1/4-inch hex head screws that hold the metal roofing in place.
  • Protective Gear: Metal roofing panels have extremely sharp edges and you can seriously cut your hands if you do not wear durable gloves when handling them. Eye protection is important to wear, too, because small shards of metal are produced when cutting and drilling the panels.

Using these tools and following the panel manufacturer's instructions can help ensure that your metal roof installation goes smoothly and looks great when it's done.

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