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3 Ways Metal Roofs Can Save You Money

Architects often recommend steel roofs because they're durable and unique. But, now, steel roofs offer even more benefits: cost savings and energy efficiency.

Metal Roofing Savings

These have been tough economic times, and, though the economy seems to be improving, everyone can use some savings. If it's time to install a new roof on your home, think about installing a steel roof.

Here are three good reasons why steel roofs make financial sense:

  1. Insurance Savings:If you live in an area prone to natural disasters such as wild fires, hurricanes, severe storms with hail, or other extreme weather, using impact resistant or fire resistant steel roofs may save you money on your homeowner's insurance. Depending on your insurance carrier and where you live, you could save up to 35 percent on your homeowner's policy.
  2. Energy Savings: Some manufacturers offer steel roofs that carry an Energy Star rating and may qualify you for an Energy Tax Credit. Highly reflective metal roofing can save you up to 40 percent on your summertime cooling costs, especially if you live in a warm climate.
  3. Recouped Costs: Studies show that installing new steel roofs can add value to your home. So, depending on your location, you may recoup a significant amount of the cost of a new steel roof at resell time.

These are three good financial reasons why a steel roof should be on your list of roof options for your home. Steel roofs are made of about 40 percent recycled products and are 100 percent recyclable. This can contribute to LEED points for your home if you want to save money and go green at the same time.

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