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Top 10 Green Roofs in the US

Considering green roofing? Take a look at the top examples of green roofing across the United States. You might not have the budget for a multi-acre complex, but these inspiring ideas could have you thinking green in no time.

  1. Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois
  2. Visitors stroll through outdoor art exhibits, fountains, and admire the greenery in Millennium Park. All the while, many don't even realize they are treading on eco-friendly innovation: the green roof at Millennium Park is considered the largest in the world.

  3. Getty Center, Los Angeles, California
  4. This art and cultural center is home to artwork by Gaugin, van Gogh, and Pontormo. In addition to the breathtaking art collection, the Getty Centre rooftops are dotted with native plants and flowers designed to captivate visitors as they minimize storm water runoff.

  5. The California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California
  6. As if it wasn't enough to be one of the largest natural history museums in the world, this museum's green roof spans 2.5 acres and features native plants, expert drainage, and photovoltaic panels.

  7. Solaire Building, New York, New York
  8. This residential building sets the standard for residential sustainability. Green roofing experts created the gardens atop the building, and residents head to the rooftop to relax. If you're lucky enough to call the Solaire home, take the footpath to a lounge chair in your garden at the top of the world.

  9. Columbia University, Manhattan, New York
  10. Resembling a well-manicured suburban lawn, the green roof atop a Columbia University housing building features vegetation between two and four inches tall. The National Science Foundation has taken a particular interest in the project, with green roofing experts, scientists, and students studying the sustainable roofing.

  11. Ford Assembly Plant, Dearborn, Michigan
  12. As part of their commitment to a sustainable environment, the Ford Assembly Plant in Dearborn features a green roof designed to collect water, deflect sunlight, and provide additional building insulation. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cites the plant as an example of green roofing technology.

  13. Seattle City Hall, Seattle, Washington
  14. This green roofing solution sits atop the modern city hall structure in Seattle. The roofing stretches over the top of the wide city hall building, giving workers in neighboring office buildings a garden view in the center of the city.

  15. Green Roof from the Wisconsin Energy Education Program
  16. Resembling a close-cropped grass lawn, this green roof is of particular interest to roofing contractors whose clients are looking for a low-profile roof that provides the same conservation benefits of more elaborate eco-roofing ideas.

  17. Gap Headquarters, San Bruno, California
  18. Energy savings from the retail clothing giant's green roof more than paid for the roofing contractors and construction costs in terms of energy savings.

  19. Chicago City Hall, Chicago, Illinois
  20. The famous green roof over Chicago City Hall features multiple levels of greenery, climbing vines, and a walkway for visitors to enjoy the view.

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