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Cedar Shake Roofing

A cedar shake roof has a distinctive and natural appearance combined with durability and curb appeal. Their more apparent drawbacks include a higher price tag than other roofing materials, and a cedar shake roof requires maintenance to protect it and extend its life. On the plus side, cedar shake and shingle roofs have a natural resistance to insects and UV-ray damage. Unlike metal roofs, cedar shake handles heavy rain and hail quietly and with high durability.

Properly installed, a cedar shake roof can last 30 or 40 years, and it is known for its excellent insulation properties. Cedar shakes are different from cedar shingles. The latter are thinner and sliced into even-sized pieces. Shakes are cut with a saw or are hand-hewn to produce unique features and grooves that promote healthy air circulation. In areas known for fire hazards, most installers recommend having shakes treated with a fire retardant. In wet climates, homeowners typically treat a cedar shake roof with anti-mildew preservatives after the first year.

Maintaining a Cedar Shake Roof

Many roofing experts recommend that copper naphthenate or copper octoate treatments can protect cedar shake from moss, lichens, and rot--common enemies of wood roofing. The real key to success lies in keeping your cedar shake roof as dry as possible. That means cleaning moisture-hiding debris from it through the seasons. Fallen twigs, leaves, and branches all hold moisture and can trap water from running down the gutters.

If you have a choice, select a high-pitched roof for using cedar shakes or shingles, as flat or low-pitched roofs collect water and are prone to mold and mildew. The front-end investment in cedar shake may be high, but the returns in appearance and home value can make it all worthwhile.

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