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What's the process for removing the eave drip edge?

Can you give me any information on what this process looks like after a new roof has been installed?

La Crosse, WI

My first question before getting into the removal process would be: why do you wish to take it off of your home? The eave drip edge serves an important purpose: it helps support the shingle overhang that allows roof water runoff to reach the gutters. When there is no drip edge, the shingle ends can sometimes curl down which may create a gap between the roof surface and the gutters. If that happens, water can fall next to a home's foundation and cause a basement water leak or even worse. Without drip edge, it's very important that the roofing contractor ensure the shingle overhang is just about perfect. When they're too long, curling often occurs, and if they're too short, there's a gap between the roof and gutters.

However, if you're determined to remove the drip edge, be prepared for a little repair work. The first item to address is the removal of the gutters if they're in place. Regardless of what type of trim is on your home, the drip edge will be behind the gutters. That means they have to come down before drip edge removal can commence.

Homes with wood trim normally have the drip edge nailed onto the outer face of the fascia. When the drip edge comes off, there almost surely will be nail holes to fill and probably some exterior paint touch-ups as well. While you might think putting the gutters back up should conceal any holes or paint defects, if they remain unfilled, any water that gets into them could lead to rotting.

If you have aluminum trim on your fascia, that presents another problem as the drip edge is fastened on prior to the decorative metal being installed. Once the gutters are down, the aluminum will need to be gently pried back to allow removal of the drip edge. As the aluminum is very thin, this can be a tricky process. The good news is that any accidental creases or scratches should be hidden when the gutters go back on.

Your home should look fine without the drip edge as many older homes don't have the trim, but if you have a choice, I recommend leaving it on.

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