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Can you estimate reroofing costs for a 1500-square-foot home?

What are the estimated costs of roofing a 1500-square-foot, single-story home? -- Hampton, Va.

Several variables affect roofing estimates. While you can crunch some numbers and come up with a rough idea yourself, it will just be a ballpark figure. For a more accurate roofing estimate, talk to several local roofing contractors.

Most of the budget for a new roofing job goes to time and materials. Other considerations include whether the old roof needs to be stripped and hauled away, as well as local permits and fees, how complicated the roofline is, the number of openings -- like vents and skylights, and the slope of the roof. Flat or low-slope roofs may require different techniques and materials, which will affect the estimated roofing costs.

For a rough roofing estimate, start with the following:

  • A bundle of mid-grade asphalt shingles covers about 30 square feet and costs about $30. This translates to a dollar per square foot for shingles, or $1,500 in your case.
  • Count on another $250, approximately, for an estimated 8 rolls of felt paper, which usually cost about $30 and cover 200 square feet.
  • If you are re-shingling right on top of the existing roof you may not need paper in between, but shingling over the top of existing shingles may cause the new roof to wear faster because of increased heat retention.
  • The cost of flashing material, nails, sealant and the like can vary widely depending on roof conditions, but an estimate would be between $200 and $400 for a roof of this size.
  • Labor costs can differ greatly depending on where you live, but figure a few hundred dollars a day for a crew of roofers.
  • Add any other potential factors, including demolition, hauling and permitting fees. If your roofline is complex or there are a lot of openings, then start rounding up the labor budget, because these items take more time.

So a roofing estimate for a 1,500-square foot, single story home is somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on labor costs and project complexity.

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Roofing vs. Reroofing

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