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Is my ridge cap installed in the correct direction?

Q. My roofer installed the ridge cap north to south, since the wind comes from Northwest. Will this be a problem (shingle lifting, etc.)?--Foley, MN

A. If I understand your question about the correct direction for a ridge cap installation, it sounds to me as if the cap on your home was installed in the wrong direction. That seems odd if your shingles were installed by an experienced roofer--especially with the cold winds coming into Minnesota from Canada all winter, but I suppose mistakes can happen.

I don't think you'll have a problem with wind, as I rarely see ridge cap shingles blowing off--even in strong storms, but I might be a little concerned about moisture damage with all of the snow you get up there. As there is normally a gap in the sheathing at roof peaks, a blowing snow from the north might be able to work its way up under those caps installed in the wrong direction. Eventually it could get into your home. I'm assuming you don't have a ridge vent as you didn't mention it.

I would suggest to your roofer that they change your cap so that it runs in the other direction. Even for a larger roof it should only take a few hours and it may save you from future problems. If they refuse, you might have a problem forcing them to make the change as the direction for ridge cap shingles is a recommendation, but they haven't actually done an incorrect installation.

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