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Is it typical to secure an AC unit with two shingle nails?

I just had a roofer remove and replace asphalt shingles under the AC unit. They had to remove the AC unit bolts and lift the unit to do this. Instead of simply replacing the bolts for the unit afterwards, they tapped a couple of nails in front of the AC frame. Is this normal/proper?

Las Vegas, NV

The roofer might have a difficult time convincing the person the AC unit fell on that using two roofing nails to secure the frame is perfectly normal. Your homeowner's insurance carrier might need some convincing as well! I once watched as a carpenter was carted off in an ambulance because a single bundle of shingles fell from a two-story roof and landed on his head. You can imagine what might happen if a several hundred pound AC unit fell and landed on someone - even if your home is only one story.

I'm not sure how large your home is or how many HVAC zones it might have, but even a small residential outside AC unit can be fairly substantial. I can't imagine any circumstance where two roofing nails would be enough to secure the frame that holds one in place. My guess is that not only were the bolts required, but that on the underside of the roof sheathing there has framing added to help carry the unit's weight. Not only should the bolts have been reinstalled, it's also very important that the frame be situated in the exact same position that it was prior to being removed. The bolts should also go into something solid - not just through the roof sheathing.

I don't know when you next plan on having your HVAC system serviced, but if it's not in the immediate future, it might be worth having the contractor make a special visit. The HVAC contractor installed that frame when they set the home's equipment so they should know exactly how it needs to be secured.

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