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Are California-cut valleys right for my roof?

Q. We just got our house reroofed and we have some quality concerns. First the roofer didn't replace any of the flashing boots around any pipes. Second, shouldn't the shingle rows line up on a valley? It's California cut if it matters. Any answers would be helpful, Thank you. -Greensburg, IN

A. I assume your old shingles were up there quite a while before you had them replaced--if that's the case and your plumbing boots were installed at that time, then I agree that they should have been changed when the roof received new shingles. The roofer probably examined them and decided they were okay, but they're very inexpensive and replacing them when the new shingles were installed would have been a good idea. The new boots should have lasted as long as your old ones without any problems, but now you just don't know.

California cut valleys are not done in my part of the country as the National Roofing Contractors Association does not recommend their use in areas that can get large quantities of rain or snow. I may be mistaken, but I believe Indiana can get both. I recommend that you call the customer service department of your shingle manufacturer and see what they think of using that type of valley in your region. It might also be worth your while to find out if it affects your warranty.

Regarding the shingle courses lining up--I have seen pictures showing it both ways. The lined up courses definitely look better, but I don't know that it affects anything other than the roof cosmetics. I can't say that one method is a better technique than another as neither is recommended in many parts of the country.

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